Creating Opportunities for your Music Using Instagram Hashtags


Listen to the audio podcast I've created for you and take some notes. This will blow you away!

How would you get your music in front of 150,000 people if you only had 100 followers on instagram?

If you can't answer this question then you're not thinking outside of the box. 

You may not realize this but hashtags are ruling the universe right now when it comes to marketing and getting free advertising.

Hashtags help you to discover a new audience as well as people who are searching for what you have. 

When using hashtags to discover an audience for your music ask yourself these questions..

1) Who would most benefit from hearing my new single or the kind of music I make?

2) What kind of placement would I like to gain for my single?

3) What kind of influencers should I be collaborating with?

4) What kind of instagram video creator would benefit from the single that I've just created?


See you tomorrow,

Jacqueline Jax
Host of A.V.A Live Radio
Entertainment Branding & Marketing Specialist
Creator Music Marketing Insider