Video Ideas For Your Youtube Channel

"What should I create video about?" is question that often comes up when we talk about building a Youtube channel.

Youtube is a social media network as well as a search engine. But much like twitter or facebook their is a very social side to it except that people speak through video. 

In addition many of you will be utilizing the embed feature to place interesting content in your websites, newsletters and blogs. That's why personal content is a perfect fit to build your channel. 

I believe in adapting a regular posting strategy and focusing on building up your content early on in your channel development. It serves you well especially in the beginning because people tend to watch more video's from a channel if they like the first video. I have also noticed that when you post regularly, youtube then starts to show your videos to your subscribers more often. And finally more videos means you have a variety of content that become leads into your channel from search.

Here are some Video's I've made to give you some ideas for additional quick content in between those official music videos. 

Have ideas? 

I'll come back to this page when I've made some more.