After you have selected which social media platforms your going to focus on and you have decided on a strategy, this video will help you move the needle forward. Remember you should be in this for the long game so todays strategy focuses on 3 things you need to consistently do to keep building your community.


1. Learn how to tell a compelling Brand Story on video.

- Live stream more often
- Consistent introductions to your audience
- Stay close to your brand message
- Having a Youtube intro that conveys a message


2. Stay in Constant Contact

Keep in constant contact with your peeps by offering value that enriches their lives in some way. If you learn how to provide value with everything you do you’ll consistently gain followers and build better relationships with the ones you have.


What do I mean by value?

Value on social media is defined by something that the people who follow you want to see in their news feed and would come back to your page for.

The importance of understanding your micro-niche and staying really connected to your listeners and clients is paramount in your success.

Constant Contact means that you post regularly, not sporadically. If people like you, they will come to expect consistency and if your not providing it, it’s easy for people to drift. Stay in touch even if you aren't going to make a deadline on time and make that hurdle part of the story telling process. Getting though the hardships bring us together. You don't want to sound negative but by letting people know what's happening behind the scenes, they will stay close and support you more often.

Get a strategy together and stick with it.

Decide on what kind of things your going to focus on, keep people noticed and stick to the plan to see it through. Even if it takes longer than expected, be accountable by letting people know and sharing the story as you go along.

Social media means you are expected to be social so enjoy the platforms your on and utilize the fun tools these platforms are giving you.


3. Learn how to Utilizing Analytics and Reporting

Your social media pages, newsletter and website should be set up to provide you with defining analytics so you can see what's happening and chart your progress.

Write down what works as you implement different strategies and experiment with content. Your track record will speak volumes about your followers and the types of things they like to see from you. This will also tell you more about what kind of content works for YOU on a particular page.

A personal selfie with just one subject and a blue filter with a personally inspiring message may gain you more likes than todays bowl of cereal. Also note down what hashtags you used to see a clear pattern of what's working to grow your following on any platform.


Hope you enjoyed this weeks Secrets of Success video and the bonus content I provided you in our members only website. 

This video is day 5 of my 7 days of success series on A.V.A Live Radio.
Playlist: https://youtu.be/MlIsv552mbo?list=PLHFYITWkSS8mI14Y4mWLQPZ0UFlxfM6MM


Jacqueline Jax
Host of A.V.A Live Radio
Creator of the Music Marketing insider