Growth Hacks for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Understanding what kind of content to produce while staying true to yourself is really important. Listen to how I used "Prince" as an incredible example of what you should do as a musician to build your content timeline and establish your music brand. 

socialmedia seo tips.png

Fundamentals of the strategy:

  1. Publish creative and innovative content that your followers came to get
  2. Share all your content to social media the right way that effectively relates to your brand
  3. Use social media profiles to drive new followers to your website
  4. Encourage a community to grow around your brand
  5. Great SEO is driven by consistent interactions on your website and social media
  6. Search engine indexing will improve your organic reach
  7. Getting discovered in searches like Google, Youtube, Instagram and twitter

Be awesome today.. 

Jacqueline Jax
Radio Host
Entertainment Branding Specialist and Creator of the Music Marketing Insider