Content Distribution Strategy for Facebook

I know you'll be visiting this page often because Facebook is at the top of the everyones challenge list and seems to be the most challenging of all the social media pages for indie artists. 

The reason facebook is such a challenge is because they have really imposed limitations on their newsfeed. They are trying to balance what the user actually engage with in contrast to posts that fit their every changing posting rules. 

See: Recent Changes to the Facebook Video Algorithm That Effect Your Ranking 

This page is going to be our go to page for Facebook content distribution strategy. It will change as I discover adjustments to the Facebook algorithm and also as I continue to run daily experiments in the space on all of our facebook pages and groups. 

Enjoy rolling up your sleeves and trying these out for yourself. 

1) PUBLIC PAGE: Share a piece of content directly from your website to facebook public page. Include an interesting title and  if it makes sense a short description. Be sure to mention any brands that are included or featured so you can increase your chances of showing up in YOUR followers newsfeed. **Be sure to comment on your own post to kick start the algorithm. Try to write additional content that offers more value. 

2) PRIVATE PAGE: Share a piece of content directly from your website to facebook private page. Make sure your privacy settings are set to public so more than just friends can see your posts. **Be sure to comment on your own post to kick start the algorithm. Try to write additional content that offers more value. 

3) GROUPS: Share a piece of content directly from your website to a facebook group page that allows it. I write a short post filled with value that describes the content based on the group I'm posting in and then I include an address link to the post and preferably an image. 

Here are some group pages that I allow quality posts on: 

New, Exciting Music: 58,000 members

Promote Your Product:

A.V.A Live Radio:

4. RECYCLE: Recycle a post by sharing a previous post from your public page to your private page with a different title or just a comment about the post. It will increase your page reach and count as a share. **Be sure to comment on your own post to kick start the algorithm. Try to write additional content that offers more value. 

5. FACEBOOK ADS: Facebook advertising is not perfect. It's expensive and not a terrific strategy to rely on long term for musicians as the rates cost more than just hiring someone to reach out to influencers and engage in communities on your behalf. The only thing I recommend facebook ads for at this point are to sell really cool, helpful and unique merchandise or a micro-niche album to a particular niche audience.  Generating views on videos are not recommended because if not done accurately you'll end up paying as much as .35 per view or recruiting 1,000+ views that lasted 3 seconds and didn't include sound. Facebook counts a pass by scan without sound as a view. ( Totally unfair practice.) and they are penalizing videos for lack of quality views. Plus once you pay for reach, all organic reach conveniently stops to encourage you to buy more. 

6. ENGAGING IN GROUPS: Groups are really responsive. We have focused most of our content and engagement in our many (65+) faces groups. People tend to be much more conversational in groups when the group is focused on the conversation your looking to have. Don't spam people with your music. Instead use groups to discover new people with similar interests and start building relationships with them. If you set a goal of getting to know 25 new people each day, think of how many quality people you'll be interacting with in just 1 week. If a conversation arises where you can recommend a piece of your content, that's a great intro. But watch out for being overly pushy. Let your music fall into their hands organically by recommending your public page where all your work is conveniently displayed. Then look for ways you can work together, promote each other and contribute to each others marketing efforts. 

7.  EMAIL: Make sure to link your email list in your facebook page bio, Add it to your "Call to action" button on facebook and add it along with an announcement to all the auto posts you have set and post it to your page wall at least once a week. Be sure to talk about something interesting your about to do and explain that the video or special journey will be explained on email. Bonus content and limited editions content entices people to subscribe. 

8. BANNERS & IMAGES: Create a custom banner using to add an announcement of a new video, album, gig, live performance or journey to your page header. Then create a set of launch images to be prescheduled on facebook as a count down. 

9. FRIENDS: Commission your friends and family as your street team. Ask them to share your content to help you get some traction on your project. If it's a video. Upload it directly to facebook and then give them the link and title to make it easy to circulate. 

10. VIDEO: Upload your videos or a short trailer of your videos to facebook with a call to action. If it's a clip, make sure you tell people where to see the entire video. (email list. link a page on your site or youtube page)  Reshare your video to different groups with different titles twice a day for a few days. If you plan sharing different content every few hours you can pull off sharing your video twice a day but don't make people sick of you. Balance out the content you send out.  

11. REPURPOSE: Repurpose your article or review by adding it to a Facebook article post and drive content back to your website or email list with  clear call to action describing what's coming up next. 

12. PIN A POST: Pin your newest Video or Image announcement to the top position of your page so when people arrive they can see who you are right away.