How to Invite New People To Like Your Facebook Page

Facebook can be such a mystery but there are many ways to get the platform to work for you.  Today I'm going to walk you through two ways to invite people to like your public facebook page so you can start converting all those post likes to page likes.

If you have a personal facebook page but you can't seem to figure out how to get people to like your public page, it's fairly easy.

1) First go to your public page and click on the dropdown box with the dots next to "share"

2) Then click on "Invite Friends" at the bottom of the dropdown box. (see above).

3) Once this box opens, you can just start "inviting" down the list, search friends or chose a select group according to the options to help you be more targeted with your invites. (See above) This box will show you who's already been invited and also who has not joined as well as which people have already liked your page. 

One thing you should consider when you invite people to like your public faebook page is the time of day and day of the week you decide to do this. You only get one shot at the invite so make sure you do it when the majority of you friends are the most active. 

I like evenings on sunday, monday or tuesday but it really depends on your demographic. Think of your most personal facebook posts and when they tend to be most active. That should give you a good idea of when to take this action.

** If someone that your good friends with has been invited but hasn't liked your page, you may want to reach out personally to remind them. Don't be rude as they probably haven't seen the invite, just send them a request to support you and be sure to include some news about an exciting project you have coming up that you would love for them to show support for by "liking" your page and keeping an eye out for the launch. 

If you've run out of friends on your personal page to invite to like your public facebook page, I've got a hack for you that you will love. 

You may not realize it but everyone who likes a post on your public page can be invited to like your public page right from that post. 

Often we like posts seen in our timeline but don't think to go "Like" the page directly so it's up to you to help people complete that action with an invite.

Here's how to do it...  

1) Go to your public page and scan down your timeline for posts that have more than 2 likes. 

2) Click on the highlighted "likes" under the post to pull up a list of all the people who have liked that post. You will get a list of everyone who has liked your post.

3) Start inviting all those new people to like your facebook page by clicking the Invite button. 

4) Depending on how many "likes" you gained, you may not be allowed to do this all at once. As you can see in the picture below. I had over 1,000 likes to invite so it did stop me after about 100 invites so I had to go back later. If this happens to you, just close it out and go back every 24 hours until you get them all invited.