4 Facebook Hacks For Organic Reach

Facebook advertising is really expensive and in testing it out many times, I have discovered two things.

1. That I can reach just as many (typically more) people using my own strategy than I can by paying for adds

2. Facebook adds for musicians are really expensive sometimes costing about .50 per "like" and you end up not ever knowing that person. They really only work well for people promoting innovative products or learning resources.

Here are some free reach Algorithm hacks you may not know.

1) Public pages vs Private pages: 
If you want to gain attention on your public page then you must use that page often. If you use your private page all the time, then your public page will suffer. Try to define the content differently so your private page followers will want to come to your public page more often and your reach is defined on insights for you. Private pages don't give you insights into your performance so there's no real way to measure. (I'm not saying to neglect your private page, just focus your efforts where you want to build your future and remember that they work differently.)

2) Outside links on facebook: 
If all of your facebook posts have a link drawing people off the facebook page, you are not likely to entice facebook to give you great placement in the timeline. Try to post the link in the comments below it and follow the 80/20 rule of creating only 20% link posts. Now with that said, facebook doesn't mind linked posts when shared from the page outside of facebook to the platform so go to your own post and share it into facebook with a 1 sentence comment. Then for added reach, share that post from your public page to a group page that fits the content.


3) There are millions of people hanging out in facebook groups.
Using Groups to promote your facebook page for free really helps to attract organic traffic back to your page. When you post or share a post in a group a large percentage of the group members will see the post notification. Set yourself apart by posting value to the group and don’t focus on the sale, focus on attracting people with your point of view or by starting an interesting conversation. If you visit groups that you are posting in and connect with the other posts, those people will see your page and come visit you.


 4) Facebook loves native video right now. They are trying really hard to be the leader in the video world and with so many people on facebook, they are likely to succeed. If your just getting started, the reach of a music video on facebook is much larger and faster growing than on youtube with a fresh launch. If you have a video upload it to your public page or start using the live video feature on your page. It’s a great way to get priority in the timeline organically.