5 Tips for Increasing Engagement and Reach on Facebook

The results are in from all kinds of tests we've been conducting across multiple facebook pages and I think you'll be very surprised at what we discovered.

Here are the top 5 things you need to be doing for January 2017 on Facebook. 

If you haven't started to live stream, you're going to need to start making that part of your weekly social media practice. It's the #1 way to improve reach and bring in new and current followers. The great news is that the tool on facebook is very easy to use, you can go back in and add a custom thumbnail (like youtube), tags and a title. You can also organize them into playlists.  Plus they are still giving you priority in the timeline. In addition, facebook allows you to pick a featured video. Just go to your public page and hit the video tab, you'll see a list of videos you already have and options for creating and organizing your playlists. 

Our test results showed that the posts that encouraged interaction by way of a question or conversation starter performed way better across the board than any other posts. It didn't even need to have a picture. It can be as simple as asking a question. Shorter easy to answer questions also did way better than longer more complicated ones. I did well with questions that I knew aligned with the interests of my subscribers. 

It may sound strange but every time we shared content from a public page to private pages and group pages, the posts performed 100X better. In fact most of them exceeded our expectations with thousands of eyes on each post. This was especially great to boost views after a live stream. Plus don't forget to like and add a comment to your own post. It helps to boost the post. 

That little theory about consistency really did pay off. We tried it both ways and found that when you leave your facebook page alone for even 1 day, it took longer to regain our reach numbers. We also found that allowing people to get to count on a particular posting schedule really works to bring visitors back to your page each day. It can be words of wisdom launched each morning at a certain time or a live stream every Monday or each day at 12pm et. What ever you do, if you do it consistently people will be there and check in with you more regularly.

When we didn't answer comments, the posts died more quickly than when we commented back and encouraged more conversation. If we encouraged the conversation then more people seemed to join in and if a post received at least 10 separate comments by followers if seemed to attract more conversation over 24-48 hours giving the post longevity. Much better results than the previous 12 hour estimate released in public surveys.

Those are our top 5 results from our most current tests. More to come.