Finding Interests of Your Facebook Followers


Sometimes it's very difficult to understand what your followers are interested in. Often with inconsistent reach on facebook, it becomes a mystery as to what can get peoples attention.

Today I have something really easy you can do that will help you gain detailed insights into what your facebook follows interests are.


Why do we need to know this? 
The reason why this is beneficial is because it's really important that you understand who your followers are if your going to have a chance at connecting to them.

If you know what your follows like, then you can create a list of topic ideas to discuss and post about on your page that will get reaction more quickly.


Your goal should be to find a balance between what people want to see and who you are both as a music brand and individual.

Reaction = engagement and engagement = more time in the news feed for your posts without having to pay to be there.


1. Open up your facebook page
2. Type In the search bar:  "
Favorite interests of (yourname's) followers" hit enter.

Facebook will then populate a favorites list in order of popularity by the majority of your followers. 



What to do with this: 
Now that you have this list think about which of these topics appeal to you so when you post about them you will have an authentic and definite point of view.

Example:  I post often about music, creative topics, life quotes and success strategy but at the time that I sampled I discovered from my personal list that my followers like specific artists like Van Morrison and Pink Floyd. Two of my favorites as well so I'll be starting my day off with 2 posts about why I like them and ask a question so my followers can participate. Come see ( )

Bonus tip:
Unless you want to loose some followers and start a war on your page, stay away from religion and politics. They can be facebook suicide. Yes they are high on engagement but stay neutral if you do open up a discussion and get ready for the attacks to begin. Just respect everyones opinion always and you'll manage fine.


I also find that doing a search from time to time here let's me know if the interests of my followers are in line with mine or if I need to start targeting different followers so they will connect more with my message. It's a great way to see if your on track.