Making an Impact with your Music in a Profound Way

I believe every artists dream is to make an impact on their audience. It's even more important if you can move people in a profound way. In my artistic journey as a story teller I have met many people who are making an impact with their creativity and message. Certainly one of the most profound is an artist who introduced herself to me through a kickstarter campaign. 

I should note that with 2 million artists all campaigning for a piece of the influencer pie, this creator stood out to me particularly because of her video and message. And based on her success rate, I would have to say that message was impactful to 30,000 others as well. 


Here's the story: 


Definitely one of the coolest Kickstarter music projects I've seen that are wildly successful is from Amanda Palmer at a wopping $1,192,793 from 24,883 backers.  

The campaign features exclusive unique products like Vinyl, Surprise crafts, CD with Artwork inserts and a really cool Art Book of song inspired album art. 

This artist has proven that FASCINATING is a huge incentive for a massively successful kickstarter. 

"Since i'm now without a giant label to front the gazillions of dollars that it always takes to manufacture and promote a record this big, i'm coming to you to gather funds so that i have the capital to put it out with a huge fucking bang. i think kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms like this are the BEST way to put out music right now - no label, no rules, no fuss, no muss. just us, the music, and the art. i'm also making sure EVERY PRODUCT sold through this kickstarter is unique to this campaign, to reward all of you who KNEW ME WHEN and were willing to support me from Day One."



One of the most important factors that Amanda captured in her campaign and supplimental promotions after the launch was in NOT feeling ashamed to ask for support. 

She understood the value that her art brought to those who supported her. She understood that creativity is free but still has a huge value to every person who enjoys it. The value is in being inspired by following the process, taking pride in supporting another creative soul, becoming a part of someones future and history. It's a connection that occures between the artist and their fan.

People who appreciate and understand the creative process know that contributing to a crowdfund isn't about giving money as much as the importance of being a part of someones life in a more meaningful way. 

Amanda understands how to connect with people in person and on social media, harnessing the power of email and media tools to make her pursuit of creation a part of everyones life. 

Think about how you can be more impactful with your process and what kind of value you can bring to your audience.