12 Time Saving Tips To Build Your Music Career

Before you attempt to make more time for your music career, you need to clearly identify what you’re working towards, as well as how you plan to use that time once you have it. Goals that feel completely overwhelming in your head will look a lot more realistic on paper when they’re broken down into actionable steps that you know you can accomplish.

I broke down some key elements for creating and maintaining a successful career in the music industry.

In my experience it's really important to manage your time wisely if you want to accomplish huge things. Especially if you don't have a ton of help as your getting started. I certainly remember the days of having everything resting on my shoulder.


1.Making Time for your Music Career:
Before you attempt to make more time for your music career, you need to clearly identify what you’re working towards, as well as how you plan to use that time once you have it. Goals that feel completely overwhelming in your head will look a lot more realistic on paper when they’re broken down into actionable steps that you know you can accomplish.

2.Getting your music marketing plan together:
Get out a sheet of paper and start by writing down the goals you want to reach this year. Next, list one or two things that are top priority for you to accomplish right now. Narrowing your focus helps to accomplish tasks more easily without getting over whelmed. If you try to take on too much, you’re going to spread yourself too thin and give up more quickly.

1) Start an email list, establish a splash page on my website to collect email addresses and set up auto-responders. Get my first 1,000 subscribers. (2-3 hours)

3.Planning time for a music career:
I know your familiar with that overwhelming feeling of helplessness. All new business owners feel this as their trying to get their business up and running. The best thing to do to get past this feeling is to do a time assessment. Start writing down how you use your time this week. I’m always on a computer so I make notes in my computer calendar in time blocks. I note each task, breaks, everything for a few days and then assess how I used my time each day. This is a very calming system as you’ll most likely see that it’s not time you need more of, it’s less distractions.

4.Cutting out distractions to have a music career:
If you have time to watch Tv, see a movie, go out on the weekends, chat with friends, go on vacation, sleep for more than 8 hours, or spend 2 hours getting ready and working out each day then you have time for a music career. When your downtime explodes into a massive time blocks, you’re actually not focusing on being productive. Try to allocate your downtime into 10-20 minute breaks with the exception of sleep and trade in those indulgences that cost you money and time in for hours of practicing your skills, learning about the music business and developing your online fan base. Over time, you’re be surprised how much you are able to accomplish on the side hustle. And by the way, social media is the grey area. Make it fun and it can be more of a downtime than you originally imagined.

5.Invest in Automation:
I love tools that help me automate my work. Not only do I find massive productivity in doing things by category of the task, I try to use as much automation as possible. I use apps that keep me on track, I have automation built into some of my email lists and I love pre-scheduling basic social media content so I can put out special things like this series of posts your reading right now. Some tools are free and some have a small cost but honestly it’s the best money spent.

Example: https://hootsuite.com/
Re-schedule posts for facebook, twitter, google and linkedin from one dashboard. Answer comments and social media direct messages quickly.

6.Get things accomplished in time blocks:
I find that my best work is done in blocks where I can stay focused on one thing at a time. It took me a while to figure out how to choose what blocks were most productive and offered my brand the most value but once you do, it’s the best way to go. Try cutting out a time block for launching your next video. Sit down and create all the social media posts at once and pre-schedule them along with your blog posts, newsletters and plan for live streaming. It helps you stay on point instead of trying to remember what you should be doing each day to accomplish your objective.

Saturday: Write my blog content and update the website for the month.  (1-3 hours)
Sunday: Spend 2 hours designing and setting up all automated social media posts for the week.
Monday: Plan all my content for youtube and live streams by writing down ideas for topics and content. Do some research on what's trending currently that may apply to my brand. Make a list of possible tags and eye catching titles. (1-2 hours)

7.Learning to Say no:
One of the best things I discovered in 2016 was training myself to say NO. It’s not like I had to develop a mean grumpy side, I just learned that my time was more valuable spent on some things. I promise myself not to commit to any task that’s not able to be placed on my calendar. Sure, a few people got a bit upset but honestly only the ones who were using me to accomplish their own agenda and not those who gave as much as they received. Bottom line, once you establish your goals and start using a calendar to stay on track, you’re going to see very quickly that your future depends on your focus so anyone who doesn’t understand and respect that about you, doesn’t really care about you.

8. Schedule in Time for yourself:
Just because you work full time and have been pursuing a music career, you don’t have to stop taking care of yourself. Once you have established a solid calender and know what’s ahead of you, look for ways to give yourself time to decompress. I do a lot of meditation during the day and make sure i schedule large blocks of off time. Things you may want to add into your schedule: exercise 2-3 times a week, 1 hour meal times, movie nights, night’s out with friends, 6-8 hours of sleep. relaxation time is a non-negotiable. Make sure you have it or you’ll burn out.

9.What time of day are you most productive?
Do late nights in the studio leave you dragging? Are you most creative in the evenings? Do you think better in the mornings after a good nights rest? It’s really important that you acknowledge when your most productive times are for different tasks that you need to do regularly. For instance, if you need to write blog posts to promote your music career and create social media content, you may be able to do that really quickly in the morning instead of at the end of the day. Or maybe you create better music at night rather than in the day light hours. Just be honest yourself and don’t be afraid to say, I need a time out when things get over whelming. Your only in a race with yourself.

10.Answer emails in bulk:
email can be a huge task and very time consuming if people love to write long emails instead of getting straight to the point. We are also in a time when everyone is reaching out to connect and sell something online so your email can get loaded with spam, junk mails or just total strangers asking you to do things for them. I set aside time every morning and evening to do email. It’s really important to be responsive but if your checking it all day long, then it can distract you from getting your work accomplished and break valuable concentration. Do yourself a favor and set aside time to get it done, then move on no matter what.

11.The Pomodoro Technique:
There has been a lot of talk about this technique lately because so many of us work online now. Concentration is best when you have breaks and studies have shown that taking lots of mini-breaks keeps you feeling refreshed and focused for longer periods of time. I set my timer for 30 minute block and take a 10-15 minute break each block. Then a few times each work day I take additional breaks for meals, exercise and meditation. It helps me focus and allows my eyes and body to get a healthy break.

12.Take advantage of Gaps in your day:
A side from some chill time, there are those times when you just have to wait in lines and have nothing to do. I don’t stress about waiting, instead use the tip to check little tasks off your list like facebook update, instagram responses or even boosting your knowledge like coming back to my timeline to check out my other posts in this amazing series. :)

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