Getting Your Songs on Spotify Playlists

Once you have verified your Spotify account (learn how) and reached 250 followers, it's time to start pursuing playlists. This is an important step to getting the attention of Spotify in hopes to get your music into their curated playlists. 

The best strategy is for you to get seeded into mulitple newer playlists, support and help to advertise those playlists and then ride the growth. Spotify knows when your song has been getting added to playlists and is seeing more activity. They have a system that tracks popular songs so they can watch the growth and consider popular songs for their carefully curated but very popular ever changing playlists. 

Here's a good strategy for working your way up. 


Step 1:

Start your own playlist. Not only should you be creating playlists to categorize your music into albums, you should be creating playlists that feature artist that inspire you with 1 or 2 of your songs sprinkled in there. Be careful not to add too many of your own songs into any 1 playlist or it will be more of an obvious plug. Each playlist should be around 20-60 songs with a ration of 1 of your songs to every 20. Variety is very important if you want people to follow and share your playlists.


Step 2:

Get listed in other people's playlists. In some cases all you have to do is ask someone if they will add you in exchange for helping them to advertise their playlist. I recommend listening to a playlist first and then finding the right song to fit it and suggesting that to the curator. It's a good strategy to get your music on the radar of music artists and music fans who are creating and actively curating lists for solid growth. Mutual support is expected, so be sure to stay in touch and show them that your helping to advertise the playlists by tagging them on twitter or facebook regularly. You can pre-schedule posts using hootsuite to keep those adds rolling out regularly. 


Step 3:

Create collaborative lists with other artists so you can benefit from the help of others as a team. Anyone on Spotify can opt to create a playlist that’s “collaborative,” meaning any follower of the playlist can alter the list, add or delete songs, change the song order, etc. Think about friends and fellow artists who may want to team up with you to get these kinds of lists started and curated regularly. 

 If you don’t know many new artists, then we can match you up with some. Start by submitting your music and info so we can get to know you. :

Step 4: 

Branding Playlists: These are Spotify playlists managed by third parties, such as Pitchfork, or major-label playlists such as Topsify. Most branded playlists will try to strike a balance between established artists and emerging artists as a way of achieving tastemaker stature. These can be more difficult to get added to but it's well worth the effort as these established companies come with built in followers and credibility in the industry to be able to distribute the lists among their many established and trusted channels. 

Here’s how to be included in my personal playlists.

1) Apply here:


Step 5: 

Curated Spotify playlists: These are playlists where the music is selected by Spotify’s in-house editorial team. Because they are Spotify’s most powerful editorial tool, these playlists get promoted like crazy within the platform. 

The importance of getting your Spotify account in order is to hopefully get on the road to capturing noted success such as artist Perrin Lamb.. When CD Baby artist Perrin Lamb got a song placed on the “Your Favorite Coffeehouse” playlist (curated by their in-house editorial team) has over 2 million followers playlist in 2015, he earned almost $60k from just that one song on the platform.



Playlists can group songs according to: 

Genre or sub-genre 

Your friends’ bands or bands you’ve toured with 

Your influences 

Place of origin: city, state, province, region, nation, continent 

Time, year, decade, era of its release 


Theme: dinner music, dance party, workout mix, Sunday morning reading, etc. 

Lyrical focus

Set lists


Create your own playlists

This is an obvious place to start once you’re verified, since you have complete control over the playlist. Make your own! Playlists give you a great way to connect with fans between album cycles, and they allow you to repurpose your catalog in countless ways by putting old songs into fresh contexts. 

How to create a playlist

  1. Within the Spotify app, click “(+) New Playlist”

  2. Give your playlist a name and description. Be sure to use rich keywords that mention the style of music, specific artists within the playlist, or other organizing principles for the songs contained within. Upload a custom image for your playlist.

  3. Add a URL to the “insert link” field linking to a pre-order page or music store. (Be considerate and don’t link to a competing streaming service.)

  4. Click “Create.”

  5. Add songs! You can do this by searching for the song on Spotify and dragging it into your playlist in the left-hand sidebar, or by clicking the ellipses next to any track and selecting “Add to Playlist.”