50 Social Media Posting Ideas for musicians

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When you are busy, it can be tough to think of great social media posts to keep you on track. Consistency is important both for your following and also for the social algorithm. Copy and paste this list into your phone as a reference to use when you get stuck.


1. Remind People Who You Are
2. Go Behind The Scenes of your day, making an album or a gig.
3. Share a Personal Story about yourself, meeting an icon or how you overcame a life struggle.
4. Tell People What You Sell and how you created it.
5. Share a Joke: tell it on a live stream
6. Share a Quote
7. Answer questions from fans
8. Post a How To Tutorial
9. Ask a Question or Host a Poll
10. Share Your Favorite Book or cd that you enjoy and ask for recommendations.
11. Host a Giveaway on live streams
12. Remind People to Sign Up On Your Email List and tell them what you have to offer.
13. Host a sale or promote a special limited edition package of your work
14. Share Industry News (Add Your Thoughts To It)
15. Go LIVE (Live Videos Perform )
16. Post a Sneak Peek of something coming soon
17. Share a Blog Post You Wrote
18. Share Any Press or PR Features You Have
19. Post a Testimonial From a fan or acknowledge something special they did for you.
20. Re-Share Some Older Content from your timeline 1 month or year ago
21. Share Content From Someone else that your fans might enjoy.
22. Share Some Personal Wins or Results
23. Host a collaboration for a friend
24. Post Something Seasonal or Highlight a Holiday
25. Thank Your Fans!
26. Post Motivational Monday
27. Post a Tuesday Tip
28. Post a Wednesday Wisdom
29. Post a Throwback Thursday
30. Post a Flashback Friday
31. Share an unknown characteristic about yourself
32. Post some interesting stats or data about your industry
33. Share a YouTube video you love
34. Share a podcast episode you love
35. Share a Short Video Clip (Yours or one you like)
36. Show someone using your product
37. Tell People How You Got Started
38. Share What Inspired You To Create music
39. Shoutout or Mention Other musicians
40. Shoutout or Mention Your fans
41. Share a Success Story or a failure you learned from
42. Share Your Morning Routine
43. Share a Few Of Your Favorite Things
44. Post a Fill In The Blank
45. Share Your Other Social Profiles to Connect On
46. Post About A Trip You’ve Taken
47. Post About Something On Your Bucket List
48. Talk about something you are looking forward to
49. Perform live
50. Post a review video


1. Weekly challenges – People love to be challenged. Whether it’s an industry-relevant riddle or a mini Wordsearch, it’ll offer your audience a great incentive to return to your social channels week by week.

2. Fill in the caption – A great idea for Instagram is to post an image and ask your followers to suggest the caption. Ideally, caption suggestions will be fairly amusing.

3. Live video – Live video is always popular. Give your followers a tour of the office, or host a tutorial or webinar.

4. Include user-generated Content – Show your audience that you see them and appreciate them by repurposing the images they share of your product over social media. Not only will you strengthen the bond between your brand and customers, but you’ll also be given the chance to subtly promote your business.

5. Show a day in the life – Brands who show their human side come across as more approachable and will find it easier to connect to consumers. Use your social channels to shadow a member of the team for the day. Instagram stories would be the ideal place to showcase this content.

6. Make your own weekly hashtag – Own a coffee shop? How about #SipSipSaturday? Own a sports brand? How about #FootballFriday. Use your hashtag to share a weekly tip, offer, picture, or something else entirely.

7. Share your story – Show some personality by sharing your company story. Talk about your founder, how the company got to where it is now, and post throwback pictures from the early days.

8. Inside jokes about your industry – Use GIFs and Memes to make industry-relevant jokes.

9. Host a Q&A – Hosting a Q&A (whether it’s for your customers to ask questions about your product, or for other educational purposes) will show your audience that you care about their questions, concerns, and personal progression.

10. Profiles on your team and band members– Let your audience get to know the faces behind the brand by creating content focused on individual team members.

11. Host a Twitter chat or facebook group chat– Twitter chats can be great for bringing your audience together to discuss particular topics.

12. Ask for ideas for your products and music – Asking your audience to contribute to the development of your products or music will make them feel more valued, and provide you with some wonderful feedback. You could also make this more fun by turning it into a competition. 

13. Share controversy – Nothing will get your social media channels buzzing like a bit of controversy. Don’t post anything that will cause offense, but feel free to share any news that may spark debate. Ask your audience for their opinions on the matter. This is a great one to do live as well.

14. Do a series – You can run a series of blogs, so why not do the same for your social media content? Post across a few days or weeks about a particular topic and give your audience something to follow. Let them know the time frame you’ll be doing it to help connect the idea with their memory,

15. Weekly round-up – Gather the best industry news and information from the week to share with your audience. You can create a social post or blog post and share it to social. Weekly playlists are great to do as well.

16. Exclusive social media content – Give people a reason to follow you on social media by creating exclusive content. Only post about certain deals or offers on your social media channels or give your following the first look at new products and music.

17. Host a competition – a competition gives your audience the chance to be rewarded for supporting your business. It could also be pretty beneficial for raising your brand awareness.

18. Polls – Fuel debates by using polls in your social media strategy. Ask for your audience’s opinions, whether it’s about current events (e.g. who is going to win the Football), or about your brand directly (e.g. do you want our product to come in other colors).

19. Ask for audience opinion – Present your audience with questions such as ‘If you were in x situation, what would you do?’ If it’s an interesting or original scenario then it’s likely to elicit a variety of opinionated and varied responses.

20. Share quotes – Inspirational quotes, quotes from the team, or (positive) quotes from your listeners. You can even create video messages.

Don’t forget to plan your content – 
Ideas aren’t any good floating around in your head where they will be forgotten. Write them down and add all your ideas to a calendar where you can get inspired for those daily posts. Take it one step further by pre-scheduling your content. Hootsuite is an easy to use tool but facebook also has a content planner that allows you to schedule facebook and instagram posts ahead of time as well.


You have to look at your insights on Instagram and watch for the time just before traffic peaks on each day. For me, it’s always 9 am eastern time but I also do really well when I post in the evening after 7 pm et. This will be different for everyone so you really have to look for what works and stick with it.

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