MFBB Step 8: How to Build an Email List of Mega Fans

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Ways to Improve your open rates and income with email 

Can you imagine if every time you sent an email asking your fans to do something, click on something, buy something, or subscribe for something, that they would actually do it?

The magic is in your email content.

Which means you need to be sending great emails to the right people.

Today I’m walking you through the steps of building, growing, and monetizing your email list so that it goes to work for you.

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Why Building an Email List is Important?

  • Email allows you to land into a fans inbox directly with no blocks.

  • Email is Purposeful and delivers a message with authenticity.

  • Email is Targeted because people expect to hear from you.

  • You Own Your Email List is filled with people who opt into it willingly.

  • Email is One-on-One and personal.

  • More People Use Email Several Times a Day with limited distractions.


Social Media vs Email:

  • Social media limits your reach to less than 1%

  • Email open rates average from 22% - 65% per email

  • Email click through to take action rates are highly than any other form of advertising or call to action.

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How do email lists make money?

  1. Direct to fan Music and Merchandise sales

  2. Streaming and engagement boosts that Generate plays on a monetized feed

  3. Affiliate marketing about recommended products that you use to create music. 

  4. Crowdfunds

  5. Memberships

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How to Generate Email Leads for list:

  • Collect people from social media who are true fans of your music

  • Promote your music and story on radio, podcast and music blogs

  • Get stories written about you online and do interviews

  • Press Releases on social media, web searches and press outlets.

  • Add an opt-in form to your website pages

  • Add an opt-in link to all social media pages and every piece of content released about you.

  • Create a lead magnet that gives something of value to a group of people in your micro-niche. This of what you can offer a new fan that’s exciting or of value.

  • Offer Extra Special Experiences to your Mega fans

  • Set Up a Loyalty Program for Mega Fans


Ways to Improve the Open Rates

  1. Create an engaging subject line. The subject line is the first thing a fan sees from you on any email so make sure it’s personal and engaging.

  2. Write to one person. If you try to speak to everyone, you’ll resonate with no one. Instead, imagine you’re talking to a close friend when you write your email. Stay away from impersonal bullets and boldface type. Never make your email look like poster board or advertisement.

  3. Write quality content only. Even if you are pitching a product, you don’t need it to arrive without a great story about how you got there. You can turn fans into buyers if you master the art of walking people through your process. When someone learns how something was created, they buy into the idea that it’s special and not just another product being pitched on email. Don’t spam people, just talk about how the product was created and why it’s special.

  4. Send from a person, not a company. Many artists try to look too professional. Don’t send email from a business, management or label name, only use YOUR name. It’s a lot more personal.

  5. Send it at the right time. Try to plan your emails for times when people are more likely to be online and ready to read the email. This is different for everyone. I find that evenings are best for my crowd and never on weekends but mornings could be a great time as well.

  6. Avoid spam filters. Email filters are becoming more and more sophisticated, and if your message ends up in the spam folder, your open rates will plummet. To stay out of spam filters, obviously, avoid sending emails that look like spam. For example, those that include a subject line in all caps or the words “sale,” “free,” “rich” or “deal.” Make sure your email doesn’t read like a brochure and limit the number of links you include to keep your messages safe.

  7. Segment your list carefully. One key to keeping content relevant to the recipient is to segment your list. There are many ways to do this, including by industry, purchase or time since your last interaction. By breaking your list down into groups of similar recipients, you’ll be better able to send highly relevant, highly focused email blasts, improving your open rates in the process. Plus it’s much easier to speak to a previous buyer than a cold lead so as you streamline your process, you may find it beneficial to address cold leads independently through a series of automated emails that roll out over several days or weeks after that persona signs up.

  8. Mobile-friendly emails: If your email messages don’t read well on mobile, you’re in trouble. people can’t read them if they have to scroll all over the screen to read it. Make sure your email is mobile-friendly by starting with a template in your email client. It’s so much easier. then once your template is customized, save it and use that for the next round of emails. A unified look adds credibility to your emails.

  9. Don't buy leads: You only want people on your list who actually have had some kind of valuable interaction with you. Loading up on cold emails from people who don’t know your name means 0% open rates. That’s a waste of time and misuse of free email space. If a free email account will only send 2,000 emails out and you have 90% people you don’t get any response from, your email could be marked as a spam account and you could lose the ability to send emails for free due to having over the amount allowed. Remember you only want 1,000+ people who take action when you email them.

  10. Actions are: open the email, read the email, stream or view your song, share your song on social media, purchase a product or donate to your fundraising. If a fan does not give value back in some way, they are not a fan. Give them 3-6 months to take action and then remove them from your list.


When is the best time to send my email?

Most people put themselves in the shoes of their subscribers to help them figure out the best day of the week to send.
People are super busy on Mondays adjusting back to the work week and they prioritize work emails.

Most people believe Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are good days as people are settled in their work routine and constantly checking their inboxes.

On Friday, everyone is dreaming about the weekend and rushing to finish their work so they can go offline.

From my experience, Friday afternoon might be great timing, especially right after lunch. People usually don’t start new tasks and have time to read the inbox. Sunday evenings might be an ideal time in America, as they tend to get ready for the workweek that night. Also, people get fewer emails on weekends, so it could be easier for you to get their attention.


The times I find are working out well are between 8 am et - 12 pm et. Sunday at 9 am et or 6 pm et and never on Saturday. Try to consider what you're sending as well. If you have a morning playlist to send your fans, try Sunday or Monday mornings at 9 am. If you have a weekend playlist to share, try Friday at 9 am et. If you have a music video to share, try Sunday evening or weekdays at 12 pm et or 6pm et when people may be able to watch it after dinner and share it on social when most people like to watch music videos.

It’s a great day to think about what kinds of messages you want to include in your emails. Need some help?

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