8 Essentials that will improve your Youtube Channel

8 Essentials youtube tips.jpg

It's really important that you focus on the details when it comes to Youtube. But the great thing is that there are some specifics that can really improve your chances of being seen on the platform. In fact, you can revive old content by making these adjustments to hopefully improve the discovery of all your videos in their search.

  1. Discover-ability:  Optimize your videos by making sure your Title, Descriptions and Tags are updated correctly.  
  2. Thumbnails: Improve your custom thumbnail images so people can recognize your videos.
  3. Collaborations: By doing video collaborations with other channels, you can expand your audience. Look for people who have equal or more subscribers.
  4. Hook: You must focus on hooking the viewer in the first 5-7 seconds. Once hooked you’ll have another 20 seconds to create engagement with your content.
  5. Engagement: Use the tools like annotation and Youtube cards to engage the view to take actions such as: Watch another video, Subscriber to the channel, etc..
  6. ART: Make sure your channel art is allowing people to understand what your channel is all about. Keep it bold.
  7. Comments: Always comment back, especially in the beginning. This helps to keep conversation going and brings people back to your channel. Plus set aside 1 hour a day to comment on other peoples videos as well. It helps you grow.
  8. Consistency: Youtube ranks channels based on viewer watch time (how long a person watches your video) and session watch time (how long the view is on youtube after your video). So keep these two factors in mind when organizing your playlists and creating content for your channel. This year more channel creators are discovering that multi-dimensional channels attract more regular views so try to look at your youtube channel like your own TV show. Produce content in series and episodes and you'll attract regular watchers over time.

    How long does it take? As with everything, it takes time. IN the beginning, I have seen channel growth be anywhere from 50 new subscribers a month to 1,000 on some channels depending on the content, how often you upload properly, search rank and the thumbnails.


Video Ideas For Your Youtube Channel

"What should I create video about?" is question that often comes up when we talk about building a Youtube channel.

Youtube is a social media network as well as a search engine. But much like twitter or facebook their is a very social side to it except that people speak through video. 

In addition many of you will be utilizing the embed feature to place interesting content in your websites, newsletters and blogs. That's why personal content is a perfect fit to build your channel. 

I believe in adapting a regular posting strategy and focusing on building up your content early on in your channel development. It serves you well especially in the beginning because people tend to watch more video's from a channel if they like the first video. I have also noticed that when you post regularly, youtube then starts to show your videos to your subscribers more often. And finally more videos means you have a variety of content that become leads into your channel from search.

Here are some Video's I've made to give you some ideas for additional quick content in between those official music videos. 

Have ideas? 

I'll come back to this page when I've made some more.