Content Distribution Strategy for Twitter

Twitter is a wonderful free traffic driver when utilized with a strategy. If you want to use this social media network to build an audience think of filling your timeline with a mix of in the moment content with reposts mixed into your daily feed. You can easily set up pre-scheduled posting through Hootsuite to save you time. Remember a tweet has a shorter lifespan if your just using hashtags to expand your reach so you'll want to focus on engagement and tagging people in posts to deliver your most valuable content to more eyes. 

I will be coming back to this page to update the content as things change so keep an eye out for additions as the algorithm changes and news updates. 

Let's start with my top strategies for utilizing Twitter:

1) BASIC SHARE: Share every new blog post from your website to twitter so that people will see it. Make sure that your Tag line is interesting and News worthy and include valid hashtags that applies to the information. If it's a music video try #MusicVideo #NewVideo #Newsingle #NewAlbum for added reach into a timeline that works. Also think about location tags (#florida #Miami ), tech tags (#GoPro #youtube #periscope ) and emotional tags (#inspire #Motivational ) as you repost your content every few days. 

2) RETWEET: Anytime someone retweets your post, go and retweet it again so you can keep that cycle going. It acknowledges them and puts that tweet back into play hours later. I locate all the actions in the "Mention" section. It's the first place I go when I check twitter so I can interact, follow and retweet with my most engaged friends.

3) DISCOVERY: Find and retweet content that works for your brand and that may be interesting to your followers. It doesn't have to be about music. As your a lifestyle and entertainment brand think about things that interest and effect you and add those into your timeline by retweeting.

4) REPURPOSE: Don't just tweet a piece of your content once. Keep a list of tweets and filter them into your timeline every few days as a strategy to keep driving traffic to your content. Try changing up the tag line and hashtags used for added interest. It helps to distribute the piece to a different audience. 

5) BUMP: Give your original tweet a bump by replying to the initial tweet, delete the mention of your name and typing in a relevant comment to get the tweet back into the timeline of your followers.

6) EXPAND YOUR NETWORK: If you have a twitter periscope video planned or current pinned to your timeline utilize this news to start a conversation on another network about it. Include a photo, link to your twitter page or the actual tweet and a description of what's happening. Make it news worthy and describe the value. Is it funny, is it inspiring, is it important to you?

7) MENTIONS: Always mention the influencer that you have featured and show appreciation. It will get you a retweet very easily.

8) IMAGES: Images are still king on the platform. They stand out on the platform. It really depends on the image and tag line used so watch the results carefully to see what works for you. Also using quotes are a great way to grab more attention and resonate with your audience. 

9) DIRECT MESSAGE: Send a direct message to a few of your followers each day. Engage with their content and retweet regularly to keep in touch. It improves your own reach and keeps those relationships building. 

10) INDUSTRY: Get involved with people in your industry. Make lists to organize them and chat up their tweets. I typically retweet from people on my list more often than discovering from my timeline. I think most of the influencers work in this way. You just end up with favorites that you trust. 

11) PIN: Pin your most news worthy or important piece to the top of your timeline for added traction. This way when people visit your page they get a better idea of who you are and what you do in those 1st 8 seconds. But retweet that tweet often so it will be retweetable to people who have previously shared it. You don't want it to become stale at the top pf your timeline either. 

12) SHARE WITH OTHERS: Retweet posts from other people who share your interests. I keep a list in twitter of my favorite influencers, clients and friends so I can stay in touch and regularly tag them in content they may like.



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