How to Get More Likes, Shares, and Clicks

It's amazing how ingrained Facebook has become in our lives, personally and professionally; as consumers and as individuals. Facebook is always having issues but it’s still the largest social media platform available and there are billions of people on it in all categories so you need to maintain a presence there in order for your music fans to be able to access your music where they like to be.

This page will tell you How to Get More Likes, Shares, and Clicks on your content but try to follow the content guide religiously in order to not alert the algorithm to page blocking. We want your content to be seen, that’s why I created this information page:


Facebook pages are free and easy to set up. Once you have your basic information on your ‘Public’ page, you’ll be ready to start posting content that will help you get seen on the platform. Every piece on content you post on facebook should serve a purpose and become a piece of your story as it progresses but do not over post. Posting too often turns the reach way down on your posts and tell facebook that your trying to spam the newsfeed so they simply cut you out of it. That makes posting on the platform a waste of time. Instead follow my guide below to strike a great balance that is facebook friendly and will provide your fans with amazing content.

Use a recognizable profile image that's consistent with your brand on all social media networks (i.e. your logo)

  • Coordinate your cover photo, pinned post, and profile call-to-action to effectively promote your current marketing campaign

  • Browse your facebook insights page to get a better understanding of how your posts are doing. It shows you post reach and engagement metrics.

  • Be sure to include a brief description of your band or music brand and a link to your website, newsletter or page where people can purchase your music and merchandise.

How facebook works:

In exchange for access to the content hosted, Facebook reserves the right to monitor individual usage patterns.

Each like, comment, and page view is tracked and then fed into a fancy algorithm that continues to personalize a user's feed in order to optimize their experience.

This means that even if you have 1,000 followers, only 1% are being shown your post and only if it’s the right kind of post done at the right time. You will not be able to increase that number until people start engaging with your posts (like, comment, share) .

When someone does engage with your post, it will tell the facebook algorithm to start showing your post to a few more people. At first it will only be new followers or old followers who regularly engage with your page but if one of those people passes your post in their newsfeed and they don’t react to it in any way, facebook isn’t likely to show your post again to that person.

This is why it’s really important to only post content that is going to do well for you.

Posting Guidelines:

  1. Post regularly: There is a facebook scheduler on your page which allows you to set up posts in advance. This makes it much easier to keep posts consistent. When you post consistently and you get engagement on a post, facebook will start showing your next posts to those same people +plus additional people who they think may also like the post. This work like credibility points. If all of your posts get engagement, then your page credibility score improves and your post reach will increase. Post 1-3 times a day at first on these times to start: 8am - 12 pm - 6pm :

  2. Interact: The best times to be active on facebook are mornings before 8 am: lunch time until 3pm and after 7 pm. The more active you are on facebook answering comments, leaving comments on your friends posts in the timeline and reaching out to new people, the more credibility points facebook will credit to your page.
    Tip: When you comment on other pages posts, try to use pictures, gif and video to call attention to your comments. This is a very good tip for answering questions because it draws the eye to your answer first. Photo’s get 53% more likes, 104% ore comments and 84% more clicks on links than simple text comments and posts.

Posting Planner:

  1. 8am: Post an image or video clip that shows off your personality:
    The point of social media is to be "social" and if your brand isn't connecting on a human level, you're failing on Facebook. Humanize your brand and relate to your audience with a post that demonstrates your mood and personality. Add a description, thoughtful comment or narrative to help people understand what’s happening. You can also ask people to name the photo or guess what your doing. The key is to encourage engagement while making a connection. These are typically the most engaging posts on facebook. Use them often. . (do not include any kind of link off facebook in the post description here)

  2. 12pm: Ask a question:
    People tend to scroll on facebook alot but you could climb to the top pf the newsfeed if you were a post that started to get comments while everyone else is getting only likes. Social media is all about having a two-way conversation with your prospects and customers. Asking questions is one of the easiest and most-effective ways to increase Facebook engagement and gain valuable insight from your audience.  This can be done just by posting a questions and choosing to color highlight it or posting an image and asking the questions along with it. (do not include any kind of link off facebook in the post description here)

  3. 6pm: Live stream or share a video that is hosted on your page.
    Facebook still prioritizes live streams from pages. Which means that if you go live, it will show people your live post towards the top of the newsfeed of your following and will also send a notification that you are live to people who have requested notifications from you. That’s a great opportunity to connect with your audience. This takes some time so be prepared to start your video before anyone jumps on. Just create the content with the replay in mind and avoid sitting there with a blank look waiting for anyone to join you. Hit the ground running and dive right in. At first most people will be catching you on the replay and when they do you want to try to get them to watch more than 40% of the video. If they do, facebook will show that video to many more people and your next one as well.

  4. 8pm: Reshare a video from your page.
    If you don’t have alot of video yet, this is a good time to go through your archives and upload a video. It can be you speaking to your audience about something that’s important to you or a music video. Also lyric videos, video trailer, behind the scenes video, Q&A’s or old live streams ready to be recycled. Just make sure you haven’t already shared this one in the past week.

Compare & Contrast(1).png
James T Wilde Song lyrics.png

5. 8 am : Inspiring quote with an image.
Since images are doing so well, grab an image from your archives that helps you get your point across. It will perform better if it doesn’t have words on it for now but if quotes images get engagement on your page already then you can keep doing that. It depends on your page and what your audience has responded well to in the past. If you have a song or playlist that goes along with this, you could also add that to the comment section. I love lyric quotes, they can really help an audience take a deeper look at a song. The point of this post it to relate to people by speaking your truth.

  1. 12pm : Merchandise or album link:
    It’s time for a sales post. Try not to make it very demanding or all about a call to action. A great add for your stuff would be a picture of you wearing your merchandise while you talk about the new tees that just came in. It could be a video clip/ boomerang of you opening your merchandise stock arrival or an album created of all the merchandise you have for sale with links to purchase. To keep things simple, you can use humor or stories to make the post more engaging.
    ”Last night at my gig a fan came up and asked to buy my tee shirt right off my back. Now that’s what I call a Super fan. I have them in all sizes now on my website”
    ”How many tee shirts are touching my body in this picture?”

  2. 8pm: Something fun, funny or interesting….
    What do you find funny or fun? Share something, create something or just tell a joke. Tell a short story about one of your songs or videos. This post needs to show your personality.

  3. Repeat… Do this sequence again for all your posts. No matter how often you end up posting, this selection of posts will keep things interesting as you start to build up your content. Just be sure to never repeat the same image twice in the same week and take a look at your insights for post content that starts to do better with your audience.

Success with Facebook marketing doesn't happen overnight; it takes time. Increasing your Facebook engagement requires the persistence to be active on the platform day after day. 

You can tell the difference between a brand that loves their fans and the one that's simply using Facebook to push their products/services.  Brands that love their fans have communities of loyal customers begging the brand to take their money. A few simple ways to show your love include:

  • Responding to comments

  • Sharing posts created by your fans

  • Liking posts where your brand is mentioned

  • Giving away free stuff or random discounts