Improving Your Twitter Call To Action

In my opinion, one of the most common mistakes musicians make on twitter is misusing the automated direct message feature.

I feel like an expert in this area since my twitter messenger is bombed with DM’s from musicians daily. It’s become so problematic, that I can’t see past all the DM’s to get to my real conversations. In fact, I use hootsuite to filter the auto DM’s from the actual conversations so I don’t miss important questions from my regular followers and clients.

Aside from that hurdle, I have seen a trend in bad “Calls to action” on Twitters direct message feature.

For instance:


"Without you we couldn't do what we love to do. So for that we want to say thank you. Go to http://www….. to join our mailing list. By join our mailing list you will hear about our news before all the masses. New songs, new morch, new video's, upcoming shows, and even a special gifts along the way."

I like the first 2 sentences. It gets attention.

But the cold call to action (to Subscribe) it just isn't enough of a reason. There's no value and the message sounds impersonal.

Let's face it, why would some one you have never met actually feel like taking time to signup and voluntarily receive email spam from you? I know that sounds a little harsh but it's realistic.

When was the last time you gave up your personal email address to a stranger just because they asked??

People average 7 interactions before a successful call to action so it's more important for you to make contact and start a conversation rather than direct messaging a bunch of links or an impersonal message that talks over them. It's fine to automate the message but it must be more personal and shorter.

Try to get your message down to 1 "call to action" for anyone to absorb it better. The less words you use to do this, the more likely you are to get a reaction.

A stranger is not likely to signup at all on first meeting so you've wasted your 8 second introduction on an action that doesn't apply and won't intrigue a brand new follower.

Try to think like a music fan instead of a musician. What would be interesting to you? What would be worth your while and stop you in your tracks? What makes you want to find out more about someone or would entice you to take action?

Twitter will perform much better for you if you cultivate conversations and offer value.

Believe me, if someone likes you, they will poor through every thing you have without you even having to ask. In fact, they will probably give you unsolicited feedback once they discover your music. Then once that happens, you can certainly entice a subscription signup with an updated lead page advertising something innovative and unusual.

What's innovative and unusual?

"Instead of we would love to hear your thoughts on our music."  (Another phrase that's way over used.)  Make a list of the top 3 most interesting things about your latest video, song or coming event your trying to get people to pay attention to.



- Want to see what happened when our band decided to visit a theme park?  Trying out a live stream from a roller coaster could be a reason for someone to signup, I would want to see it.

- Our drummer lost it while we were recording the last music video, caught it on the live stream. Want to catch the replay?

- I'll be live streaming my first performance of the new song on Sunday at 10 pm et. It would be great to see you in there. Can I send you a link? ..... (subscription address)

- Maybe you could help me out in the studio this week as we record our new single by coming to my Live streaming event on3pm et.. ..... Can I send you a personal invite to your email (subscription address)

- Watch ... take on the ... challenge. Who do you think will win?

- I'm going to be streaming a Live feed from my next performance at .... where .... will .... It's going to be a great time if you want to see it, reply back and I'll get you hooked up.

Think like a music fan not a marketer and you'll start getting those conversations started. Try to shape your 1st message in a way that encourages a reply as the call to action. Then you can go from there based on the conversation.

Remember it only takes 100 people spending $100 a year with you to start a great music career. That's not alot from a Super fan.

**These are people your reaching out to you, get to know them and allow them time to get to know you.

Bonus tip story:


When I promote music, my super fans purchase songs, signed albums, autographed photo's tee shirts, poster, mugs, and other special limited edition items along the way. With every purchase they get some special content from me that no one else can see or has access to. Those special moments with your fans makes them super fans for life.

PS. Crowdfire will also allow you to launch a series of different messages randomly to new followers so you can test different approaches out but you pay for the service to remove the advertising. Do not use anything that adds their advertising to your auto DM or it will look unprofessional and spammy. Your better off copying and pasting your own message.

Back with more fan building strategies soon.