MFBB Step 2 : Setting Goals

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Setting Goals

Let's jump in and look at some possible goals for your future.  

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In order for you to take a huge leap into your future, you’ve got to say goodbye to those common Music Myths that unsuccessful artists are pitching out there on the internet. It’s this loosing mindset that is holding you back because unless you can imagine breaking through that glass ceiling, you won’t be able to do it.

Actually, just so you know. There is NO GLASS CEILING.


TONS of musicians are discovered and only a few of them make it. Getting a record deal is complicated and can actually hold you back. They cost you alot of money, the record label owns you and you are rarely able to become the artist that you want to be.

Record labels tend to want to do things their way and also take all the profits leaving you with nothing. In fact, record labels don’t even look for talented musicians anymore. They look for artists that have a following.

You can’t expect anyone to build your business for you for free so stop trying to hide behind this excuse and start taking the building of your business in your hands. You don’t have to sell your heart and soul to the devil in order to make an amazing living.

Any $ invested in you is actually a loan that you have to pay back! And usually that involves some serious terms.... and that’s where you end up trading your time for dollars, by having to tour and tour and tour just to make back that load. You don’t make much money at all until that loan is paid back... if that even happens!

Regardless of the opportunities that artists have today to build a direct to fan business online, musicians will gig around as many places as possible and hope to get one of these terrible record deals. They might even do some covers and originals on their YouTube channel hoping to be the next viral hit to get discovered that way.

The problem with this is that it’s a long shot and very time consuming. Essentially it’s a waste of your valuable time and energy when you could be gathering fans and building an amazing audience in record time.

Doing gigs and sharing music needs to be strategic and meaningful action.


People believe this myth because we now live in a streaming and file-sharing era. With Youtube, radio, and digital formats, people think no one buys music anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The reality is consumers love to consume the music & products they love in multiple formats.

Physical music and merchandise is still one of the leading revenue streams for musicians around the world. Streaming enhances this relationship and plays a big role in our sales today! The key is to have a strategic plan that incorporates ALL streams of income, including digital & physical formats.

If you think you need millions of fans to accomplish your dreams, you’re wrong.

The best strategy is to offer a free live recording EP or something unique in exchange for emails.

You need to offer something that fans of your music can not get anywhere else. This strategy has gained musicians that I have worked with over 100,000+ new subscribers in a year and turned that into cash.

Not only did they get an excellent way to connect DIRECTLY with fans of their music, but they’re able to sell a minimum of 100k through music and merchandise sales. This is deliberate and strategic – not random. 

The key here is NOT putting people on your email list who don’t love your music. Attract the right audience with an offer that only a fan of your music would want and appreciate and you’ll find that email list to be a gold mine.


The Goal : Make 100,000 a year selling music and merchandise online.

If your 1st goal is to make 100k a year from your music, let’s break down the basics. 

Direct to Fan Sales:

If 1000 fans X Spend $100 per year = You make $100,000

If 2000 fans X Spend $50 per year = You make $100,000

If 3000 fans X Spend $33.33 per year = You make $100,000

With only 9 sales a day: $33 X 9 = $297 X 365 days

 = $108,405 per year of passive income.

You can see how turning your music into a 100k year music career isn’t out of reach at all. 

There are also brand deals and social media income which can bring in another source through sponsorships, collaborations and social media posts:

Fan base: 10k active fans : $1500 per month X 12 = 18,000

Fan base: 20k - 30k active fans: $3,000 per month X 12 = 36,000

Then if you negotiate your gigs with a Leverage Strategy I’ll be teaching you, there’s an additional $144k or more you can pick up there. 


In this program I’m going to be teaching you :

  1. How to make the best use of your marketing time.

  2. Attract awesome fans to you on social media

  3. Identify who your mega fans are

  4. Get people to signup for your fan base and open the emails. 

  5. Nurture those people into Mega Fans who will want to buy, share, stream and engage with your content.

  6. Make money through online sales

  7. Get paid way more for your gigs

  8. Develop brand deals that make you money

The best part?

You could actually still become a grammy-award winning success all without a major record label and even without touring the music.

Basically, the only way to build an effective selling system is to follow my strategies and move slowly until you know and understand who your ideal fan is and how to find them.

I have been working in the music industry for 20+ years ( do not ask me my age cause I will never tell. lol ) and I’ve studied music marketing for 15 of those years. 

I’ve taken all the best strategies and tools that I learned over the years and that’s what I’m bringing to this partnership we now have. 

You’re going to become a master at generation Mega Fans and we are going to set everything up on autopilot and then let you just focus on ‘Attraction marketing’ which I consider having fun while you make money doing what you love. 

You Don't Need to be a Master Marketer or Copywriter, you just need to focus on who you are as an artist and keep that amazing content that your fans resonate with flowing. 

Overview of our plan: 

How to Become a Profitable Musician:

1.) You attract fans on a special page on your website/ landing page where you collect emails in exchange for them to get more from you.

2.) They enter an email address in exchange for something they want. (The asset) 

3.) The autoresponder will send a specific custom set of emails for a few days to build a relationship.

4.) The autoresponder then carefully engages your most active fans into a ‘Call to action’ state. 

5.) Then we send out some amazing offers and BING >>> You've got new sales every day on autopilot. No kidding.

**I'll be talking about auto responders and emails that convert fans to mega fans very shortly. Plus how to sell to those Mega Fans as well.

The success defining variables:

  1. Your music, online presentation and assets offered must be exceptional for your micro-niche or no one will signup. You can get advice and ideas in our facebook group page

  2. You must have the right content strategy for Instagram or facebook to attract the right fans. (I’ll give you that)

  3. You must lay the groundwork to bring the right people into your fan base-collector because if someone is on your list that isn’t really loving your work, then your content, merchandise and message will not resonate with them. That’s why a micro-niche is important so you only attract fans who specifically want one thing form you.

  4. Never add someone yourself who isn’t perfect for your list. You only want 1,000 - 2,000 highly engaged mega fan potentials on your list. No more wasting time with people who aren’t worthy of your time away from music.

So now that you and I are both understanding what you can accomplish, we have a little work ahead of us to turn this into a well-oiled machine.

Now comes the fun part. 

If you know what your most requested skill is that people want to see more of, let’s get started building your “Landing page’ that offers that to each subscriber so you can start collecting email addresses right away.

Start here: Set up an account with Mailchimp and start defining what your going to offer fans in exchange for an email address.

Next Task..

Start looking at your previous posts on social media and the Direct messages you have received looking for people who comment regularly and actively ask when new music is arriving. That kind of fan is someone you’ll want to start responding to more often to see if they are a true fan.

I need you to be able to recognize the right fans of your micro-niche that will support you. 

Types of fans:
Some will be streamers, some will be buyers, some will comment on every post, some will share your music and some will do all of the above. 

For now, you can give them little rewards for being active. Go to their page and leave a comment for them or answer their comments or messages, even think about giving them shout outs in your stories.  

Do something special for each one of those people so you can start activating that connection. 

You won’t always have to connect with each person individually but for now, you need to understand what activates a fan on your page and encourages more activity. 

The conversation helps you understand what people think of you and lets you feel more of a connection with people who like your music. 

Need a sample?

Check out my and read my comments, then look at my stories. I work full time 15 hours per day for the radio station : 5 days a week, create music, look after my family and I still have plenty of time to post on my page, manage my own brand deals, and content and run this program with you.

I answer every comment and keep my audience engaged. 

No excuses.

You can get this done at your own pace. Give it the time you have, even if it’s in 15-minute sessions several times a day. I have a rule.

I never post something new until I’ve answered all my comments first and visit my most active fans. That motivates me to stay on track. This action also tells the algorithm on social media to show my next post to that person specifically so they never miss a post from me. This builds over time and eventually helps to open up the reach of my posts to a larger pool of my most active fans.

Get started and if you have questions, contact us here or come to the group page:

Jacqueline Jax