MFBB Step 4 : How to recognize possible Mega fans

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Do you know what a Mega Fan looks like?

I know, it’s a really open concept because in reality a Mega Fan could be anyone.

Let’s start diving into understanding how to attract and select great fans to invite your email list.

It's not easy at first because you are still trying to arrange your content strategy (which we still have to do in upcoming emails- so hang tight) and you may not understand how to create content that resonates with the right audience. 

 By now you should know what your most unique skill is and what your audience will want to see most from you.

**If you think you're not there yet, then hold out from collecting fans into your list until your past the experimental phase and deeply rooted in making the music and expressing the skill that your best at. There's nothing more disappointing than a list full of people who don't open your emails, mark them as spam or unsubscribe. 

If you think your content is awesome and your music is in the right place then your hopefully seeing people respond in a positive way to your posts already and your ready to start nurturing those fans into Mega fans of your work.

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Here's how I decide whom to invite to my email list in a more personal way. This is exclusive of the mass invites I have done across social media (which I will go over at a later time). 

Understanding how to speak to your fans is important and can help you get a more positive reaction for your efforts.  

Success in building your list depends on the content you posted because if you by chance posted something random like a meme and it had nothing to do with your music, brand, and message then obviously this would not be a way to find your music fans. 

If you are posting music content or images that would attract the right audience to you, then this lesson is going to serve you well. 

Learning how to recognize the fans of your page that are possible mega fans is an art that I have become very skilled in. 

For instance, I just had a bunch of new fans message me on Instagram and they were highly engaged with my content. 

Some liked multiple posts and left long comments reflecting on the descriptions. 

Others left me personal messages in DM saying thank you for showing me how to approach life differently or the way you sang that song spoke to me and I would like to know where I can hear more.


I sent them a personal message saying:

“Thank you so much for being so present on my page today. I want you in my fan base, will you become a subscriber with this personal invite from me? My world is about..... I think you'll enjoy staying connected with me, this is how I make sure we don't lose touch. “


100% of them subscribed and left personal messages back to me with a thank you, telling me about themselves. I answered all of them. 

 Next step:

Those relationships can now be nurtured through automation and consistent posts on my social media pages. Each of these people would be sent to my landing page, then receive a welcome email and 1 day after that they would receive my 1st auto-resonse email.

I typically won’t need to keep answering personal messages in DM if I don’t have time as long as I stay in touch via really great newsletters and content on social media. I also find that doing live streams helps to put my more demanding fans at ease. I always tell them that I can't get in to answer the Dm's right now so I here live streaming instead to say hello. 

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I would just make sure I answered the comments with a conversation on all my posts so they didn’t feel ignored. I have found that it really helps to manage expectations and I love learning about the people who follow me.  

I do have a good eye for picking possible mega fans of my work though. I select based on engagement and how active they seem to be with my posts, videos and live streams. 


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Some I know on the first day and some I notice over time.

You really have to spend time on your social media pages looking at your notifications, comments and messages so you don't miss people who could become your most avid fans until your bringing in so many that it becomes a numbers game. 

My personal choice has been to stay active with the people on my pages and I feel that you should really do this as well right now. 

The conversation always brings more activity to any social media page. People are always watching but they give their time and energy to places where more people are active. 


This is why it's really important to like people and enjoy hearing from them. I think that's a mindset that every artist should be in so that you can gain all that super important feedback about your music that will help you become the best you can be. 


See you again soon.


Come hang with me on the group page today, I'll be live streaming some of your most asked questions every fews days to help you. If you have a questions reply to this email and I'll make sure it gets used in the live streams.

Jacqueline Jax