MFBB Step 1: Get Started Gathering 1,000 True Fans of your Music to make 100k a year

I'm so glad your here.

In order to unlock the door to becoming a wildly successful music artist, we have got to first figure out what qualities make you unique. Every musician has that one thing they can do that people go wild for.

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Let me give you some options:

*The way you play an instrument:

*Perhaps your an amazing lyricist who moves people with a specific kind of message. (Elton John: “Rocket Man’, ‘Your song’, ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’

*Some musicians make amazing videos that become powerful messages that go viral or are amazing stage performers: (ie. Tiny Turner, Queen..)

*There are bands that fit perfectly into a mico-niche that has really dedicated listeners who endlessly search for new music : (ie: Celtic metal, Death metal, Old school Metal, Stoner Rock, Female Heavy metal Queens, Industrial Metal, Jazz Rap, Electro Swing, Jazztronica, Female fronted Big Band Swing, Gypsy Swing Jazz, Be Bop Jazz, Funk Fusion… There are so many really specific slots you can fit in to find your audienc. )

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JaZZ Rap? Yes it actually a thing:
Example of Jazz Rap

*Perhaps you have singing skills that people remark on constantly and want to hear more of. (Female pop high range ballad singer, R&B singer with remarkable range and vocal abilities or Male falsetto)

*Maybe you can freestyle lyrics to any beat on the fly which could grab attention on instagram and facebook through live streams or video.

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What is it about your music that everyone loves and why does this matter?

  1. People search and discover new artists every day based on very specific skills.

  2. These specifics can be more easily ranked on google search and discovery across music blogs, press releases, social media, youtube and on spotify.

  3. As a publicist, I have a much easier time placing artists on playlists and music blogs when they have a brand of music that fits into a micro-niche.

  4. Understanding what your amazing at as a creator allows you to focus your marketing

  5. When you know what kind of audience to target, your success rate is assured if the music is amazing as compared to other creators in your niche. Your can explore specific niches very easily through the spotify genre/mood board. People added to their playlists are quality examples of what’s happening within that micro-niche.

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How do I know if I am resonating with my audience for a special quality?

If you don’t know the answer to this question, it’s time we find out because it's going to make you famous and it's going to be the thing that brings you 100k+ a year easily.

It may be too early to tell with the audience you have, unless you have already been developing music for a micro-niche but you can look out for these kinds of messages..

‘I love music like this, it makes me …. ‘

‘You’ve got such a …. sound that is very …..’

‘I love your music, where can I find more?’

‘Your voice is remarkable, I especially love…

’ ‘You sound like…’

These are all really helpful comments that you can dive deeper into with the individual to get a poll on what they find unique and appealing.

Once you identify and nurture your fans by giving them more of this skill you possess, you can grow your music career into a 100k+ music brand in 6 month to 1 year just by giving at least 1000 fans something they enjoy. That’s what I love so much about this business. I get to take what I love to do and make it my job.

The Strategy?

We are going to be using the same strategies that have created mega-stars like
Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Halsey (Chainsmokers), Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth, The Weeknd, 5 Seconds of Summer, Troye Sivan, Justin Bieber, Calvin Harris, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller, De La Soul, Kanye West, Drake & Future, Run The Jewels, 2 Chainz, Jay Z, The Chance The Rapper.. 

My list is long and I know the ins and outs of every strategy for music career success that exists.  Shortly you’ll be reading success strategies from all the top Music brands to give you ideas that you can use for your own success.

But let’s start slow and get you set up first. 

If you build off of just one initial goal it can seem a lot less over whelming..

What do you have that 1,000 true fans want to get from you consistently? 
Let’s get this down. Quick review..

  • Is it a specific kind of music? (hopefully in a micro-niche)

  • Do you play an instrument extremely well that may be leveraged on social media to get attention?

  • Do you sing remarkably well that fans specifically love to listen to?

  • Do you have a common message or theme that seems to commonly resonate with your following?

  • Do people just want to chat with you? Perhaps you are comforting to them and your music fills a need or mood.

  • Do people like your style of dress or your advice? Perhaps you’ll be monetizing your brand via clothing companies or music equipment reviews as you use their products to produce your music.

  • Do people love to see you sing live or on videos? Original video can be monetized in many ways from Youtube CPM ads to product placement in the videos.

  • Are you great at filming your gigs and streaming those video live? Lives streaming is still favored on facebook and instagram so you can use that to promote your music, draw attention to your gigs and attract new fans on social media.

  • Are you able to make really creative music videos that people share often and request more of? Even a lyric video can go viral if you are creative.

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Lock down your specific set of skills that you do really well and can deliver consistently before you move to the next step. Write it down.

Write it down..

  1. What is my most requested skill or piece of content thus far?

  2. What am I great at?

  3. What do people say I’m great at or what has been most requested

  4. What do I have coming up or that has already been released that is resonating with my audience?

  5. What is my audience specifically saying about it?
    (ie. I love the way you… or The lyrics in this song really made me…)

Make a list and use this list to shape out your content, website, newsletter content and email landing page.

We are going to dig deeper into creating the world that your fans will experience from you over this next few weeks so be thoughtful with this step and make sure that what you’re known for is something that you want to deliver to your fans from this point on.

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