MFBB Step 9: The Simple Formula to help you succeed in any music niche

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As musicians, we typically stay in the creative zone but if you want to connect your music with people, you’ve got to understand the HOW and WHY your music will connect.

If you want to build a music business and fan base, you must take that information and understand what to do with it. Todays lesson will put that into perspective.

We are here to take your most defined unique skill and set it up to attract fans to it.

Then if you want to take that next step in making it profitable, you can monetize it.

Whether you are selling something or not, this theory identifies why people will become fans of your work and how you can turn them into mega fans. If you use this information when you shape your merchandise and products, your sales will increase exponentially.

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The reason you need to consider these components in everything you do publicly is that they directly influence how your music brand is received and if it’s resonating with your audience.

You are going to create a master list that you will use from this point on to identify if a piece of music, merchandise or skill will resonate with your niche audience.

First look at the 3 basic components of a winning music brand:

Set yourself apart from the pack:

1. Skills:
Your skills define your specialty. Every musician that we love, has something uniquely special about them that we know them for. Sometimes it’s not even singing talent that is the extreme skill, it could be an emotional tie or song content that is the factor that attracted the audience.

If you want to become an influencer of people, you must understand what you are great at and why your audience would associate your name with this skill. This is how you set yourself apart from the pack.

What are your skills?

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Make a list of everything you do well…

can you teach it, do you want to?

can you talk about your good at in-depth

can you create content around it

can you do it live without fear or record it with quality compared to a similar more successful musician?

2: Profit:
Search your skills for profit. Which other similar artists to you are selling the same skill, music, or merchandise.

Pay attention to how much people are charging and walk the route they have set up to selling that item to you.

Look at what kind of merchandise they create and if you would buy it.

Perhaps you have an emotional tie into your audience. Is that offered in the music they can stream or buy? Are there additional products that allow the audience to physically gain from this experience?

Consider Journals, books, chats sessions, instructional videos, membership communities, concerts, retreats, teaching sessions, live streams.

3: Passion:
Is the skill that you want to sell something that you are passionate about? Would you use it yourself? Would you wear it? Would you pay money for it? How is it special? What emotion does it fill?

Understanding how you feel about it gives you options.

To capture the interest of your audience enough to sell a product, you must first fill a need. Some artists have made a living just by providing Top fans with early music access, invites to secret live chat sessions, or other special features that get them closer to the musicians they like and admire.

Take a look at this chart and see if your music brand and the skills you have defined fill a need in the largest part of this triangle.

If it fits in the largest part of the triangle, it will be more difficult to sell because there is a lot more competition.

If it’s filling a need in the shorter end of the triangle, you can see that your product is part of a smaller more targeted niche audience.

When your product fits a smaller audience, there is less competition and a more specific demand for it making it easier to sell.

This method also works for a niche music market. Fitting into a smaller area makes finding your audience so much easier.

If you aren’t yet ready to set up a store that offers products, here are some great ideas for experiences other artists are selling.

Examples of experiences you could offer for sale.

Aside from the usual merchandise, think about additional things you could sell that require no inventory and are pure profit.

Ways to sell experiences: You don’t need to have access to unique technology. You can use things available through your cell phone to make money and deliver the experience.

Youtube :
You could live stream on youtube in the private setting. People can view your video only by a link you send them .

You can start a secret unlisted group page that people can pay to gain access to. Then when you want to live stream, post special content and give out free downloads, everyone in the group can have access to it.


You can set up a private Instagram account only for members. Put a link to your page to accept payment and send people to this account who want to signup for access to your live streaming performances, special content, videos, pictures. etc.

I hope this gets you thinking.

You can get creative and you don’t have to be fancy when monitizing content or special experiences. You just have to be focused with your call to action and consistent in the promotion of it.