MFBB Step 3: Setting up your Email list


It’s time to get your email list set up so you can start shaping out the way that every new fan will first experience your music and brand. 

When someone first gets to hear you, that’s based on the kind of content that you put out but then what happens after that? 

You can shape their experience and you can nurture a fan into a super mega fan through your email list and your website. 

These 2 things can be interactive and engaging if you focus on building experiences using your best skills. (those skills you already discovered in step 1)

Now let’s put together your mailing list landing page that best represents that skill, piece of music or thing that people love most about you. 

The Email setup is part of your infa-structure. 

It includes:

  1. A landing page: This is a page on your website or on mailchimp that introduces people to your brand and image and collects their email in exchange for promising them something they already know that they want from you.

  2. A welcome letter that is sent to each new subscriber encouraging them to engage with you somewhere and tells them what kind of value they will be receiving from you for signing up and how to get it if it's a free gift. Also be sure to give them all your social media pages where you are active.

  3. 1st Email: This is an auto-response set up on your email infa-structure to deliver 12 hours to 1 day after they signup. I like to greet the subscriber and deliver something fun that they can experience right away. This could be a video performance, an interview, or even a music story. This is your chance to build a relationship with this new person so don't waste it on something boring or by asking them for something. The first email will set the expectation of the fan and become a deciding factor if they open your emails from this point on.

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 11.03.25 PM.png

Email list:

I like using mailchimp because it offers easy videos to help you set it up. Here’s a list of Mailchimp setup videos if you wish to use Mailchimp as your email provider. You can always transfer to another provider later but this is a good free option to start with and they have an app for your phone to see stats and track your progress.

You can even use the app to collect emails at gigs.

The benefits of mailchimp:

Setting up a mailchimp account:


Mailchimp allows you to create a welcome email that can be sent to every person who signs up to your email list.

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 11.49.12 PM.png

Image for the landing page:

Pick 1 very professional looking image that you can use to create your email collection landing page and first emails to your subscribers.

A landing page is where people will gain entrance to your world. Once you know what they may want from you, then you can create a page that offers it to them. (if you need help creating your infrastructure, you can contact me for help: here )

Welcome letter and 1st email auto-responder:

This does not need to be complicated. I like to welcome people and tell them why I like to keep in touch and what they will see from me.

When you write your welcome letter that gets sent to every new subscriber, make sure your welcome letter also Includes Links to your most active social media page that you will be focused on using to gain fans. It’s likely to be most active and a great way to connect daily in addition to your newsletter (**Instagram is hot right now)

1st response email

Always lead with value instead of bragging about yourself. Remember it’s all about them, not you. Your skill is what people want to see so give them that specifically and you’ll keep people on your list. I switch this up depending on what’s fresh but I always make sure this email includes some kind of personal letter from me connecting with the person through a story. This message will work best if you have a very niche audience and you learn exactly how to speak to them. You can practice on your instagram posts through the descriptions and conversations you have with them then adjust this email accordingly.


If you see a 100% open rate on this email but then a significant dip in your 2nd email open rate change up this 1st email and make it better. (I'll be posting samples of amazing 1st emails for you to compare for ideas below so you can keep referring back to this page for ideas and also see our discussions on