press kit


Whether you’re already a Fortune 500 company or a small business with a big idea that’s just taking off, having a media kit will ensure that you will be able to provide ready information about your company, brand, services and/or products. The purpose of a media kit is to attract the press’ attention and gain you leverage for securing space in their publications or shows. So, make sure that you show off the best side of your brand by handing out a professional quality one.

Media kits are also a terrific way to help an to define their brand. A great press kit can help you get your focus together and lay out your best pieces visually to hep you strategize for the future. It's like reverse engineering your company. It really helps pull the most important pieces together and shows you what your strengths. The process of gathering the information will also point out what you need to work on in the future.

It's really important to have a full color digital press kit to highlight your work. Our team is creating beautiful mobile magazine style press releases that include your images, accomplishments, important links, stats, latest news and current features.

Having a professional writer and branding specialist to design your media kit is important because your benefiting from a trained professional who has experience in the business and understands the fundementals of what it takes to make an impact in the first 8 seconds of the experience.  (Get more information here: )


DIY: Items you need in your press kit:

1. At least 2 professional images that are a minimum of 72ppi

2. One stag or a lifestyle photo

3. Artist or band bio describing either how you got started or the most current brand message and direction for your music.

4. Social media stats

5. A list of previous Albums + links up to today. (no more than 3 are necessary)

6. Your top 3 merchandise photos for sale and links

7. 3 Memorable events that define your business

8. Last 3 Major magazine or press articles about you with links

9. A focus story on each band member describing their specific skills and value

10. Links to all social media pages, websites and contact information