Utilizing The Facebook Algorithms

The past predicts the future on facebook.

I have been told that there are more than 100,000 factors that goes into deciding which 1,500 posts any given user will see in their newsfeed each moment that they show up.

So with all those factors how do you show up?

Well you have 3 choices. You can pay them to deliver your posts to your own followers, you can give up or you can apply strategy to your posting and go for good old fashion honest free reach.

I love free reach because the comments come from people who want to get to know me and honestly care about what I have to say. I have way better things to do with my marketing dollars than to spend it on getting a few comments from people I don't know and that aren't necessarily interested in who I am.


So what do I recommend to make more of an impact for free?

You don’t have to be on facebook all day, but you do have to be on it everyday that you want to move closer to your goal.. If the average post you share gets 10-20 likes or comments, then the algorithm will give you the benefit of the doubt and share it in the newsfeed of those people who liked it. If they comment then their friends will see the post commanding the comment.

But If your posts aren't getting any likes, then you can be certain that almost no one is seeing them.

With this in mind, if your not engaging on facebook, then your page will really die off and not be seen by anyone. By Engaging I mean commenting on peoples posts, inviting people to visit your page, live streaming and launching video, sharing music, commenting about things that inspire you, sharing quotes...

Basically if your not there often, facebook knows this and simply doesn't think your page is credible.  Striving to become more credible in the eyes of the computer algorithm isn't that difficult if you have a clear strategy and your consistent about it. But it does take some work.

The first goal should be to get engagement on a post within the 1st hour that it’s live on your page. So how do you do this?

Developing relationships with your followers is the best way so think about designing some great content for your page and then get out there and start attracting people to it. You'll want to test some different kinds of content out to see what your crowd reacts to.

I recommend doing some research by looking at the newsfeed to see what people are reacting to. Typically asking questions related to hot news topics are a great place to start getting conversation started but people also love comedy, games and inspiration.

What ever your audience likes on your page is what they will see more of in their newsfeed so it’s important to share a diverse range of post styles so you won’t get in the trap of people only seeing 1 type of post from you even when you are posting a few different things. By Post type I mean, Image posts, text only posts, video, shared posts and linked posts.

The main idea is to build a page that people will want to come back to and engage with.  As an entertainer, you have to think of a your timeline as both a story board and a fun playground where people can get lost in your content.

It's tricky because most people spend 80% of their time right on the newsfeed never going to the pages themselves without a great reason.

Work to develop relationships and you will bust through those algorithms that seem to work against you by filtering post reach.


Post Content Ideas:

  1. Give your fans insights into your daily life to encourage daily visits.

  2. Involve your fans in things by asking questions

  3. Be authentic and honest about real life happenings so people can relate and remember you

  4. Be accessible and respond to their comments and emails

  5. Ask fans for input then be honest and respectful with their answers.

  6. Showcase your fans by displaying compliments and their faces in your emails and social media pages

Are you ready to give it a try?

Start experimenting with your content today.