5 Master Tips for Growing Your Youtube Channel and Promoting Your videos

One of the best things about YouTube is the diversity of content it offers viewers.

So knowing that Youtube works by delivering valued content to people actively searching for something specific, how can you make that community work for you?

As a creator, you’re making a career out of uploading videos that appeal to a niche audience so today I want you to look at your previous video inventory and see where you can apply these great tips moving forward.

Focus on what you need to do to keep your own channel growing and what kind of content you can create for your future video launches.

Here are 5 master tips to help you stay at the top of your YouTube game:


Define your channel’s niche

Many channels assume that people understand what they are looking at when they get there but it's actually really difficult to figure that out when a channel has no branded images and the video aren't arranged in playlists and defined well. Think about your video channel much like your website. You need a header banner that illustrates what your channel is about, a high definition branded thumbnail image and really intriguing video thumbnails that will allow people to identify your video in a lineup of content. While you’re still growing your channel, focus on one specific kind of content. Once you’ve defined your niche, your audience will be much more engaged as they receive consistent videos they signed up to receive from you. You can diversify down the road, but for now, you want to cater to the community of viewers around a particular niche.


Speak to your audience

This is rarely done on new channels. Probably because you don't have anyone to speak to in the beginning. Try to think about the people that your marketing your videos to. Even if you have one fan, imagine them when your talking to your audience and making videos. It really helps you narrow down and focus on a specific audience. Speaking directly to an audience helps to build your engagement and will make your marketing efforts so much easier. People love to feel as if they’re part of something bigger than themselves. You can build up your subscriber base quickly by making people feel like they belong. As a smaller creator, you have the upper hand when it comes to getting close to your subscribers. You can connect with them more easily and more often than some of the major players on YouTube.


Learn the basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is how you can get your videos to rise in the search results rankings. By strategically placing keywords, you can reach more potential viewers organically.

When you launch a video with me here at AVA Live Radio, we make sure that your video is SEO friendly by optimizing your title, tags and titles before we promote your video. The algorithm is constantly changing so you want to stay up to date on that information in order to make sure your video ranks in the general content searches. This way once you promote your video, that initial traction will help the youtube algorithm to rank you in the most important searches that will help you get more views. If you don't have this done on each video you launch, you'll never be able to grow through this powerful platform and why would you want to miss out on the most powerful social community there is for video.  Apply for video promotion here: 


Launch Video Consistently

Youtube loves it when your consistent. It tells them that your worth the effort. They like to promote channels who are not only bringing people to their own videos but are bringing people to Youtube and working to keep them on the app. You can show that effort to them by launching videos regularly, live streaming from your channel, making playlists each week to organize your content and sharing everything across all platforms. If you make this a habit and study your channel analytics to discover what kind of content is performing best for you and why, you'll grow so much faster.


Promote your videos across all spaces

There will never be a better way to promote your video that through your emails list. The reason is because people who are on your email list have volunteered to receive email from you. That's powerful,  so if you don't abuse that privilege and only email them quality videos and entertaining or helpful newsletters your open rate should remain at 80% or higher. Aside from that, you should also post your videos to your blog on your website and rotate your videos though your social media pages. Just be mindful to Never spam the same video across one page. It shuts down most algorithms and your regular page followers will become annoyed and perhaps even stop engaging with your content or even worse: unfollow you. This is why it's important to create content that builds anticipation up to your video launch and have more content that promotes the video in unique ways. Here's a short list of items that you can create to help you NOT have to spam the same piece of content over and over again.


- Post images and video as your prepare for your video launch:

Scouting locations & Behind the scenes photography: Still shots from the video to keep getting images in front of people on social media that can link back to your video.

 Filming the video shots from your perspective and another persons perspective watching your film your video. Capture the equipment, the videographer and all the cast members.

Fashion & Special  features: Fittings or pictures of video picking out the clothing, sets or special effects being usedVideo content and live streams leading up to the video film date and during the filming that help people see more of the process.

Video Trailer
Lyric Video
Official Video


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