Music Marketing Course

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Learn how to build a fan base and make money with your music.



Social Media plays a crucial role in todays Music Business. It's very important to master this part of your fan base building. This section makes it simple and gives you posting ideas to use for all your social media pages. 

How to build your fan base

Using Instagram to brand your music and sell merchandise

How to build a fan base on facebook

How to use twitter to drive traffic to your website

Growing Your Youtube Channel

How to make money 

In order for you to have a career of your dreams, it's really important set up the right streams of income. I've created this amazing section that will walk you through the secrets of monetizing your fan base. 

How to Make Money from your music
How to collect sync Royalties
How to collect all your digital royalties
How to make money four different ways from youtube
How to collect your performance royalties
How to legally sell cover songs

Monetizing your soundcloud and facebook pages 

Building your mailing list

Developing a solid email marketing strategy 

Writing amazing newsletters

Attracting Super fans 


Master crowdfunding techniques from successful artists. 

Merchandising for artists

Building your press kit

An effective press kit can open doors for you. It's a must have for the PR of every album.