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Learn how artists are making $100,000 a year selling their music online with as little as 1,000 subscribers.

Are you a musician making music but you have no idea how to make your dream a full time career? Or maybe you’ve been releasing music for a while but just can’t figure out how to turn your music into a profitable and sustainable full time income.

The Music Marketing Master Class is a step-by-step guide to creating and making money from your music. This course explains all of the ins and outs, so you are never left wondering where to go next when creating and implementing your music marketing strategy.

This course makes selling music achievable because the methods are all laid out for you in simple, easy to replicate strategies to fit your particular situation from launching singles, merchandise, music videos, EP’s or Albums. It’s all included. Just learn and start using the steps as you watch your income grow from the beginning.

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Today’s artists have this major opportunity to make money and build thriving careers. Best of all, you don’t need a large fan base to make this possible. You also don’t need to spam your following or engage in social media activities that make you feel like your begging for money.

In this course, you’ll find templets that tell you what you’ll need, what to say and when to start your promotions to make them the most impactful.

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After you learn one of the strategies in this course, you will be able to set your promotions in motion that same day to start making money even while you sleep.

Imagine waking up every morning to sales and having a stream of income to support your music career all while living a great life and being able to provide something of value to your audience that they will anxiously anticipate.

How can I get a list of what’s in the course?

I’ll be emailing you a complete list of course modules so you can browse through all the content before we get started. You will need to get on the email list so you won’t miss those important announcements during the Beta Launch time.



Click on the button above to provide me with your basic info so I can send you the details on this course.

I’ll be opening up the class enrollment soon to a Beta Launch for 1 week with special early enrollment pricing and then an official launch 1 week following at the regular price. To get on the enrollment list, be sure to click on the button below and provide your name and email address. I’ll send you the next step instructions so you won’t miss the Beta launch.

During the Beta Launch of the Music Marketing Master Class you’ll receive bonus mini-courses such as:

  • How to Create next level content for social media that will help you convert fans to super fans

  • How to increase your social media post reach on all platforms

  • A list of resources and tools to turn your cell phone into a content creating master tool

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How does it work?

You can access the classes right here on this website from your cell phone with weekly guidance from me delivered to you through email once the classes start. Even if you can’t start at the same time as all the students, you can just save the emails and lessons to access on your own timing. The course will remain open to you to access and reference all year. You will also receive an email notification of any updates or additions added to the course sections.

Does this come with personal support?

Also included in the classes are access to a facebook group page where you can ask questions and get personal support. Including a weekly live stream where we will be face to face to help you over come any additional struggles you may encounter while your learning.

How do I know the strategy will work for me?

I’ve spent years testing out the many strategies I’ll be teaching you in the class so not to worry. Only the top tested strategies are included in the course. I also included different strategies and flexible options for people who are launching music only once a year, twice a year, by the single, EP or Album. I additionally included a section on promoting your music videos.

Still have questions?

I am sending out an email about the course now, come signup to get all the details..