New Music Series Package


New Music Series Package



These segments will be as follows: (you may choose 1 segment for your single)

- Rock Music Mania : An exciting mix of Metal, classic rock, indie rock, and alternative music from all over the world. Kick the door down! 

- Rap Caviar Segment (hiphop) : Hip Hop's finest artists who focus on telling that story that needs to be told. 

- Fresh Folk & Acoustic Soul & Country Music Segment : Amazing music that tells a story coming from quality songwriters in the Country, folk and indie pop genres. 

- Electronic Indie Pop & DJ : Pump up your weekend with hot new sounds and creations from popular dj's and electronic music creators. 

- Chill Vibe Mix : A chill track playlist spin of music created with one purpose. To enhance your evenings and weekend mood through great sounds and experiences. 

- The Mood Booster Mix : A range of mood altering and uplifting music that will be shared to our filmmakers and audience seeking an inspiring mix of new artists. 

If you wish to contribute music to any of these up coming segments, Here's what we can offer you....

* AVA Live Radio feature spot on the segment of your choice complete with announcement made by the DJ on air. 

* Bio, social media links and streaming link to your song posted on the AVA Live radio website as well as the Medium and Tumblr Music news section. 

* Also available on these players :
BTR, iTunes, Google play, Anchor fm, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Stitcher. 

- A.V.A Live Radio website. Listed with image, bio and social media links on New Music segment page. (560,000 music subscribers) This website currently has 3.9 million views a month.

* Press Release: Our mailed press releases includes more than 3,600 fm and college radio stations in larger markets, film makers, commercial advertising agencies, booking agents and music journal writers.

* Your Song placed on our segments Spotify Playlists in the top 10 spot added in niche genre rotation. 

* Professional Digital Banner add created for you by our art department and circulated on Facebook, twitter, linkedin, Google plus and Instagram.