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Band Name: Jon Hannz
Song name: A.T.L.I.G

Music Genre:: Hip Hop : Georgia

This song is about roots and recognizing a strong sense of self. Coming from nothing, I realize it’s so important for me to understand myself. Knowing my ability and what I am capable of helps me to stay positive and keep that forward motivational flow.

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Artist: Titus Styles
New Release: Look Like CarTi B (feat. Mega & Hatch)
Genre: Hip Hop — Located in: Detroit, MI

Titus Styles created his single "Look Like CarTi B" to be a fun, witty, sexy and funky way to pay homage to (in his opinion) the queen of hip-hop Cardi B. The song is the lead single on Titus Styles last EP release "Superfan Vol 1: For the Love At-Money". Which is a hip hop / comedy album inspired by the Beautiful & Corky Cardi B.