Artist: Sarah Sunday
New Release: Mental Zoo

Genre: Alternative Poppy zpunk
Located in: East Brunswick NJ USA

This song is the sound and style of PUNK Rock/New Wave that ruled the airwaves in the ’80s joins this Retro Vibe Revival with the vocal prowess of SARAH SUNDAY! The track title, Mental Zoo really puts a spotlight on Anxiety and Depression issues that are all too common, we tried to write a song which shows these Mental issues can be solved, kind of has a happy ending!



The Refusers Free The Captives

It’s about setting the homeless free. Our winner-take-all economy has left many behind. Here in Seattle, there are tents everywhere, the homeless are ubiquitous. Many of them have alcohol, drug and behavioral problems. They’re stuck and can’t escape. Our song and video ‘Free The Captives’ is dedicated to those who are trapped on the street.

Genre: Rock


Song name: The Haze

Music Genre: Alternative Rock

I live in...  Chicago

The song is about the next morning intoxicated, and the complications or arguments that may ensue.