Full service music video
promotion and marketing


How does it work?

We work to secure online blog premieres that will drive valuable traffic to your music video. We are partnered with many music blogs, online magazines, and music curators who can post your music video on their pages and advertise it to their networks. Your video is also featured on our website, social media pages and in our weekly New Music Press Release. All the views are guaranteed authentic and very helpful to your development.


What is YouTube Optimization?

Viral music videos don’t just happen because they’ve been uploaded to YouTube. We can optimize your channel, provide feedback on viewers, and make recommendations on how to use YouTube more effectively. Our targeted YouTube ad campaigns gain real views by potential fans.

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How does the Video Press release work?

We have been building relationships with people in the music industry, movie and film industry, sync licensing and music journalism. These are all key people that you need looking at your music. We create and send a press release out every Monday and Wednesday to all the people on our list so they can take a look at your video and start getting to know you. If someone reaches out to us directly, we make sure the opportunity is offered to you and help you navigate through any questions you may have.

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What are social media funnels?

Social media funnels are created by dripping out carefully created social media content about your project over time to multiple social media pages all over the internet. each one of those posts acts like a breadcrumb leading people to one place which in this case is your video. When we post about you for 15 days, those social media funnels keep turning as people retweet, share, like, comment and interact with them. Some social media content stays live for months and some have shorter life spans but all are effective.


How many views do I get for this promotion?

New views to your video are ranging from 2,500 to 6,500 depending on the video but we follow each campaign closely to ensure maximum exposure. We have over 6,000 people on the mailing list that this video promotion will be sent to and it has a 60% open rate. Plus we will be blasting it on social media and embedding it in several music blogs and online websites so that could gain a viral spin very easily.

When the press release goes out there is change that people seeing the video may add you to their playlists or post you on their pages which will change those numbers even more dramatically.

We have had some videos receive over 75,000 views in 1 month and keep going well after the promotion ends.  We will be optimizing your video before the promotion to give it every chance to go viral.

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VIDEO Push Campaign Promotional Package

Professional Video launch package

This package comes very highly recommended and has a very high rate of returning clients.
This package includes:

- a Video Press release on our website and industry mailing list

- Your video will also be posted to additional music blogs and curators lists who support our programming.

- Youtube video optimization for ranking

- Social media funnel for 15 days

- New views to your video range from 6,000 -10,000 solid music fan and industry views and we follow each campaign closely to ensure maximum exposure. We have had some videos receive over 75,000 views in the first month from this promotion. We position your video into our social media funnel and give it all the push possible in hopes of making it go viral.